couple pays for dental care without insurance

We know that paying for healthcare can be a hassle. Navigating the different costs of medical & dental providers is more than enough to give most people a headache, especially when you’re uninsured. Fortunately, there are options for patients without insurance to make dental care more affordable.

Whether you’re between jobs or don’t have insurance coverage from your employer, dentists still want you to get the treatment you need & deserve. Here are a few ways you can fit better oral health into your budget.

In-Office Dental Plans

Many dentists offer in-office (or in-house) dental plans to help reduce the cost of treatment for uninsured patients. These plans work similarly to dental insurance, except you pay your monthly or yearly premiums to the dental office instead of a separate insurance company.

The main benefit of an in-office dental plan is that it covers the full cost of preventive dental services. This means that you won’t pay anything for teeth cleanings, exams or x-rays. That is the same as or even better than the savings provided by dental insurance!

In addition to free cleanings, these plans also entitle you to lower prices for other procedures like fillings, crowns & root canals. Plus, you don’t need to worry about getting reimbursed by your insurance company because the dental office will simply reduce your bill at the point of service.

All in all, an in-office plan is the next best choice after insurance for patients who need dental coverage.

Special Financing

If you’ve ever purchased something expensive like a car or an engagement ring, you’re probably familiar with how loans & credit cards can make things more affordable by paying over time. Dental treatments can also be paid for over time, but you should also know that there are financing options that are cheaper than using your regular credit card.

Normally when you buy something with a credit card & pay it off over several months, you also have to pay the interest from borrowing that money. But some dentists will allow you to finance certain procedures at a very low or even 0% interest rate as long as you pay back the full cost of your treatment within an agreed-upon period of time. This depends on the office, so make sure to ask before getting any major treatment.

If your dentist doesn’t have 0% financing as a payment option, there are also credit cards with a similar benefit. These types of credit cards are meant to be used for healthcare or dental expenses. Like with special financing, you can pay for treatment over several months with no interest, or you can pay over a longer period of time with a lower interest rate than a normal credit card. Ask your dentist to learn more about the cards they accept.

Whether you need to use an in-office dental plan, financing or both to pay for you dental care, you don’t have to feel like dental care is out of reach. We’re happy to talk through all of the options to make better dental health affordable for you & your family.