Membership for Uninsured

We believe that affordable dental care should be available to everyone. Your dental hygiene & the pride you take in your smile should never be diminished because you do not have insurance.

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Premiums Less Than $1/day

 All Health Conditions Accepted!
You Cannot Be Denied Coverage!
No Deductibles!
No Health Questions!
You Cannot Be Singled Out for Rate Increases or Cancellations!

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No Insurance? No Problem!

Starting at Less than $1/day, an individual can enroll in an annual membership to receive their biannual preventive hygiene appointments at no cost. Additionally, all services not fully covered by the premium will be offered at a co-pay that is far less than the usual customary fees.

Our low-cost dental coverage includes the following services at no additional cost:

  • Two exams per year
  • Two cleanings per year (prophylaxis)
  • Two fluoride treatments per year (under the age of 18)
  • Four bitewing x-rays per year