Woman Smiling with White Teeth

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are so important for more than just cleaning teeth. They give dental professionals the opportunity to check on your oral health, apply measures to prevent issues from developing & advise patients on how to maximize the effectiveness of their at-home cleaning habits.

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Woman brushing her teeth

Is It Possible to Overdo Dental Care?

Everyone knows that you should be brushing your teeth twice a day & flossing once a day in order to keep your teeth clean & prevent decay. While some dental professionals recommend brushing more frequently, is it possible to overdo your oral health habits?

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Smiling assistant after sterilizing equipment

What Is an Autoclave & How Does It Work?

Sterilization is one of the most important aspects of a dental office. Dental professionals use a variety of methods to ensure their office & equipment are safe & clean, & one of the most common ways they sterilize equipment is with an autoclave. 

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Smiling Woman Opening Curtains In Morning, Enjoying Sun

The Cleaning Power of Sunlight

Have you ever wondered why you get colds or the flu during colder seasons but not during warmer ones? It’s because sunlight, or specifically the UV rays in sunlight, can kill viruses & bacteria. It’s one of nature’s cleaning agents, & dental offices have started using it, too.

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young patient at a pediatric dentist

Finding a Dentist for Your Kids

If you're looking to find the right dentist & establish a "dental home" for your family, you may wonder what the difference is between a pediatric dentist (a.k.a. a kids' dentist) & a family dentist.

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dental technician preparing dental bridge

Types of Dental Bridges

There are many ways to replace missing teeth & restore your smile, & bridges are a good permanent solution. They can replace one or more missing teeth, including molars, & cannot be removed, unlike dentures.

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How to Encourage Your Child’s Passion for Dentistry

You might be one of the lucky parents who never has to remind your child to brush & floss. Since early childhood, they’ve been fascinated with teeth, examining their fallen-out baby teeth, sad when the tooth fairy looks away, always pointing out new dental facts. It may be that a career in dentistry is in […]

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The Truth of Washington’s Teeth

At the dawn of the United States, before modern dentistry had evolved, tooth pain could reach historic levels. Nearly every U.S. schoolchild has heard the story of George Washington and his wooden teeth. While the story has gained a level of fiction in the style of tall tales—the false teeth he had were not wooden—the […]

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Teeth Tell the Story of Humanity

While they no longer help form words, ancient people’s teeth can still tell us a lot about our shared history. Through preserved teeth, anthropologists & other scientists have been able to tell how we lived, who we were & what we ate. Teeth that survive the test of time illuminate a world long past.

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